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We’ve opened!!

Well the big day finally arrived!  After years of dreaming, over 6 months of planning and more money than I’d care to discuss in detail, My Judy Journals has opened at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!  Audiences so far have been just fantastic and the entire atmosphere of the festival is just incredible.  I’m battling a bit of a cold at the moment and have been confined to my flat by my fabulous support team to rest my voice up for tonight.  Hopefully I’ll be back in fine voice for tonight. More to come soon no doubt…I’ll leave you with a snippet from opening night…

Click here to view video

I’ve arrived!!!

A big hello from Day 1 of the 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe!!!  I’ve finally arrived and have pretty much settled into my flat which will be My Judy Journals headquarters for the next three weeks.  Just spending the next couple of days memorising my script and chasing up some last minute media and publicity opportunities before Jono and the rest of the My Judy Journals gang arrives in town and it all becomes wonderful madness.

I had a little wander up the Royal Mile yesterday and already there was a buzz in the air.  I very quickly realised that with the magnitude of people in town, performers really do have to differentiate themselves from the public throng in some way – otherwise no one takes any notice of you.  So I have ordered some spiffy red My Judy Journals t-shirts for my crew which should arrive in the next day or two. Yay!  If anyone has any other ideas for how we can stand out…please feel free to leave a comment.

That’s it for now…I will leave you with a lovely photo of my view of Arthur’s Seat from my flat and also a link to Part 1 of my Edinburgh Video Blog which is pretty much a tour of My Judy Journals headquarters – sorry if it’s boring – but this was take 5 and I was starting to lose the will to live!

Part 2 coming soon!!!


View of Arthur’s Seat from my lounge window…

View Part 1 of the My Judy Journals Edinburgh Video Blog!!

I’m on my way…


I’ve arrived in the UK and am spending a couple of days in beautiful Cambridge catching up with my brother and giving my swollen cankles a chance to return to their usual size (ughhh!) Arriving in Edinburgh on Thursday afternoon…better start memorising my lines!! Hey – check out what I found while flicking through my copy of ‘Sawasdee’ on my Thai Airways flight over here. It’s getting exciting!!

3 and 1/2 weeks until I head off to Edinburgh!!

Only 3 and 1/2 weeks until I’m Edinburgh bound and 5 weeks tomorrow until I open at The Jazz Bar with My Judy Journals!!

Preparations are coming along nicely – Jono and I had our first rehearsal today and it’s sounding just wonderful.  And tickets are still steadily selling which is really encouraging as my advertising and publicity campaign hasn’t really properly kicked in yet.  I’m starting to get very excited kiddies!

Will keep you posted on all the exciting developments – oh, and if you know anyone travelling to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, point them in the direction of my listing on the Fringe website (click here).

Cheerio for now…

Now Tweeting!!!

Yep, I’m now on Twitter @racheljuhasz

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Get your tax deductions here!!

Hello Lovelies!  End of the financial year is just around the corner – get a warm and fuzzy feeling by making a fully tax deductible donation to my Edinburgh tour fund via AbaF’s Australia Cultural Fund.  Click here for more details.  Mwaah! xx

Edinburgh 2011 Festival Fringe Programme launched…’My Judy Journals’ tix already selling!!

Yep..the 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme launched last Thursday 9th June and already 11 tickets have been sold for ‘My Judy Journals’.  Too exciting!!

Check out the show listing and buy tickets online here

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‘My Judy Journals’ accompanist for Edinburgh Fringe season announced…

I’m very pleased to announce that the wonderful Jonathan Harvey will be tinkling the keys of The Jazz Bar’s grand piano as my accompanist for my Edinburgh Festival Fringe season of My Judy Journals.  Having worked together previously in both Double the Diva (with Brigid DeNeefe) and also Rachel Plus I am more than confident that my ‘baby’ is in safe hands.  Welcome aboard Jono!!

help me get to Edinburgh!!!

This self producing / internationally touring a show caper is an expensive business…wanna lend a hand and help keep me off the streets when I return home??  If you are an Australian resident you can make a tax deductible donation to my cause via the Australia Business Arts Foundation’s (AbaF) Australia Cultural Fund.  Click here to find out more…

My Judy Journals heading to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe…

Yes it’s true – I’m making my international performing debut!  This August I’m heading to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to stage 14 performance of my self-penned solo cabaret ‘My Judy Journals’ featuring the songs of Judy Garland and excerpts from my own private diaries (how scandalous!)

The Festival program launches on Thursday 9th June so tickets will be available to purchase from that date onwards.  Please come and see the show if you’ll be in Edinburgh at the time.  And if you’re not gonna be in Edinburgh…why the hell not!?